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In 1999 Crescent was founded
        out of the ashes of Euthana. Three male nurses got together by the same
        interests of music. The original line-up was formed by Hannes, Halli and
        Thomas including a female voice by Jule. The first steps of music were directed
        by the atmosphere of a female voice and sounded more gothic than death metal.
        The Band took the chance to play live on two events in this constellation
        in 2000.

After a year of composing, designing a logo, building
        the rehearsal dungeons into a little recording studio and recording a demo,
        Jule left the band because of musical differences. The three leftovers remembered
        their musical roots and decided to change the course. The composition became
        faster and more in-your-face So the deathship CRESCENT began
        to sail the dark seas of death metal.

Hannes became the new throat of the band and new
        stuff was written. The Band looked for a bassman and recorded a 2-track-demo
        in 2005.

The Band didn´t manage to play live all the
        time because they couldn´t find a bassman. 

In the summer of 2006 Yve got into the band and lifted
        the compositions to a new level with her clean but aggresive voice. The
        music stayed fast and brutal, but the contrast of untypically clean voices
        and guttural growls and insane screams gave the picture some new variations
        of colour.

A 4-track-demo was recorded in 2007 with Yve. The
        Band played the Lensahn Open Air in 2008 and worked with Dirk Weiss as new
        bass-player. New recording sessions were started in 2009. Dirk left the
        band during the recording sessions. Yve has to take a break because of health
        problems. So the three leftovers finished the recordings of the new 4-track-demo
        in the spring of 2010 without Yve. She left because of her health problems
        and to start a new band.

Thomas, Halli and Hannes kept the fire alive, recorded
        in 2012 a new 4-Track Demo "Araneus Diadematus" with a new Bassplayer, who
        left the band after the recordings.

The Founders continued without looking for new members
        and recorded in 2015 the new Demo "Cap Arcona". For the first time The Crescent
        used german lyrics and created a concept based on the disaster at the end
        of the Second World War.


Aus den Tiefen und Abgründen der Psychiatrie,

der Geschichte des Wahnsinns und der Linderung seelischer Grausamkeiten ist der Titel der CD „GEFESSELTes daSEIN“ 2018/19 entstanden.

Die sechs Songs setzen sich mit der Historie der Psychiatrie, Erkrankungen der Seele und der abstrakten Vision des Erlebten auseinander.

Eine derbe Mischung aus altem Thrash-Riffing, einer düsteren Death Metal Atmosphäre und zeitweise mehrdeutigen Stimmen runden diese DEMO-CD in ihrer Vielseitigkeit ab.








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